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"Our experience so far has been pleasant I have only been involved with the previous swap/ sale but it was very interesting seeing everyone sift through donated goods got treasures and then we, ricRACK were there to repair or upgrade. It's a helpful practice to facilitate the reclaiming of clothing as most of it ends up in a landfill. Any effort to keep clothing in closets- even if you have to add to or take it away is a good effort. We are grateful to be involved and look forward to the next event." 

"Working with f/504 was a magical experience at the Hotel Peter and Paul Church. They’re team was kind and communicative leading up to the event and that energy translated to every aspect of the photoshoot event in the space. The people drawn to their events are beautiful, sweet and supportive and everyone came excited and ready to collaborate. Our space was cared for and respected and I plan on continuing to work with this organization in our space again."

"It was an honor to have the opportunity to be a part of f/504's community of creatives. It was a pleasure to work with the team with planning and execution of the event. Seeing happy faces, new friendships, smirking photographers after taking a good shot, were all reasons to think how important it is to bring people together. Thank you to the f/504 team for creating experiences for all of us."

"I first encountered F-stop through one of their clothing swaps in 2022, and I was amazed at how many people wanted to come together to participate in a circular economy and make art together. Sustainability and eco-innovation are extremely important to my band ‘Wild Roots Rising’ (an “indie-folk, sister singing, harmonizing with the river” kind of vibe) and I knew we should try to collaborate with this collection of photographers, models, and creators. 
We performed at the ‘Down the Rabbit-hole Garden Party’ event on a small stage surrounded by flowers, plants, and beautifully diverse people. It was enchanting. The live music and whimsical atmosphere were the perfect blend of surroundings to get lost in the moment of artistic innovation. The performance pictures and the mingling and lingering photos in the garden were a great opportunity for us to work with new people. We were able to lean into the stage presence and mood we are defining as a band, photographers who want to specialize in live music documentation got some great material, and we got to model for/ meet so many cool people. We made a great connection with the venue owner, and definitely plan on participating with the collective further." 

"I would have to say my best experience is meeting fellow creatives and working with people, bouncing ideas off each other and being in a space where people are open to trying each other’s ideas. I feel like people really learn a lot from each other at these events. It’s exciting to be a part of it."
Kaitlyn Jones
"f/504 makes everyone feel welcome, especially beginners." 

"I really loved the clothing swap, I love the concept and ended up with some great stuff." 

"Like.. I was nervous, but that it was okay to be nervous and that I wasn't alone, so then that actually helped. I didn't feel judged and I also met some really cool people that I'd love to work with sometime, but also I enjoyed their company! I like how fstop events feel relaxed and don't feel so stiff, which i think is really helpful for beginners / newcomers. I know someone already said that, but like, I was scared I was going to be really overwhelmed but I wasn't. Also fstop events I've found are great for me with my autism, they aren't too loud and usually have cool spaces where there's all kinds of areas to go and sit or stand if I need a break from sound or anything like that. I don't feel as stressed to mask as much. The more everyone knows each other a little and I see the same people at different events, the more I feel that I'm part of a community, an artists community.. fstop events are just a very comfortable place to be both physically and mentally." 

Kayla Palmer
"In my experience from having attended several f/504 events, they are an incredibly comfortable place to exercise your creative muscles with like-minded people in a beautiful setting. I have met so many wonderful creatives in the city through their events and have created art I'm proud of! Everyone is so welcoming and keen to collaborate. I highly recommend it!"
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