-If you attend an f/504 event, you give f/504 your explicit consent to share images with all proper credits. Images cannot be used for paid promotion or press without your permission. f/504 is not selling or profiting from your images, we just want to share and feature your beautiful work. Don’t want your images shared? Let us know!

-Please tag the businesses we are collaborating with. They often let us host for free, let's help by promoting their space!

-When collaborating with another creative, please ensure the two of you are aware of your standards for collaboration. Can the images you create be used for promotion or their portfolio? Expecting a certain kind of image? Communicate! Do not expect raw images from a photographer unless that is communicated beforehand. 

-Remember, all skill levels will be attending, and a photographer may be learning. Do not expect every photographer to send a ton of photos.

-Be patient with models, some are learning! Go up to people you haven’t met and introduce yourself. Don’t just work with the model with the most likes or followers. We want everyone to feel welcome. 

-If you’re a signed model, please communicate with your photographer and us about crediting your agency when posting on Instagram. 

-Swap information/emails/handles so you can access or send images. A sign-in sheet will be provided at events, and sent out via-email afterwards, to help with any missed connections. 
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