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Welcome to f/504, a dynamic creative collective committed to fostering the spirit of free and accessible networking and collaborative events. We are passionate about providing a platform for individuals to refine their artistic skills, with a particular focus on photography, digital media, modeling, and fashion. Our mission is to share our love for these creative pursuits in a safe and inclusive environment that welcomes individuals of all ages and skill levels.
f/504 hosts seasonal clothing swaps and monthly photo events in collaboration with local businesses and arts institutions.
Past collaborations have been with the Rook Cafe, Junk Drawer Coffee, Fourth Wall, The Emerald Door, The Roadhouse at Creole Gardens, Hotel Peter and Paul, New Orleans Opera Guild Home, The Contemporary Arts Center, and FERRARA SHOWMAN GALLERY. 
Although rooted in the vibrant city of New Orleans, our events are open to creative enthusiasts from all corners, inviting anyone willing to make the journey. As a constantly evolving and expanding community, we are always on the lookout for new collaborators to contribute their skills and ideas to our events.
Whether you're seeking information, have questions, or wish to share your ideas for future gatherings, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated administrators are eager to connect with you, promptly respond to your inquiries, and ensure you feel genuinely welcomed at our events.
Admins, listed in alphabetical order:
Tiffany Hill 
Tiffany of T.LASHAÉ is a Fashion Model, Stylist & Creative Director who uses her gift to artistically create and style herself/others in garments that are a constant reminder of beauty and self worth. Also educating through beauty, health & wellness which she is very passionate about. She encourages you today to say bye to fear and live a life of purpose! Find her at @t__lashae and @shop.tlashae.
Joliet Morrill 
Joliet is a photographer from New Orleans who specializes in street photography and portraiture. Joliet studied Art History and Sociology at Mount Holyoke College, where she spent four years studying the importance of the intersectionality of art and education while giving tours at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. She has been running photo walks and photography events for six years in New Orleans and loves bringing people together to collaborate in an open and safe environment. She currently runs Lapin's Workshop, along with Lillian Wilkin and other volunteers. Lapin's Workshop offers sliding-scale community workshops such as drawing classes on Tuesdays and an open craft night on Thursdays. You can find her portraits at @photo.joliet and film photography at @joliet.candidjolietmorrill.com

Matthew Weldon Showman
Matthew Weldon Showman is partner and gallery director at FERRARA SHOWMAN GALLERY New Orleans, as well as, an independent curator, fine art consultant, collection manager and a collector in his own right. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Arts District New Orleans Association. Showman is dedicated to developing and cultivating relationships with and amongst artists, institutions, and collectors alike and seeks to share his resources with the f/504 community.
Emilee the Visionary
Emilee the Visionary is a fashion model and stylist from New Orleans who is known for her unique style and avant-garde photoshoots. She submerges herself into every project she’s a part of and encourages the use of props and a combination of textures to tell a story. She considers every photoshoot an opportunity to further understand her capabilities. She is passionate about self-expression and creating outlets for people to do the same. Find her at @emileethevisionary and @visionairebyem

Lillian Wilkin

Lillian Mae is a costume designer and community organizer, dedicated to weaving connections and experiences beyond fabric. Specializing in the repair of vintage garments, Lillian’s work focuses on upcycling and sustainable sewing practices. Beyond her sewing studio, Wilkin is a creative force behind community festivals and music events, a testament to her belief that a tightly knit community leads to a more immersive, intimate, and prosperous creative experience for all. Find them at @kitschyicecream.
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