In collaboration with Jonathan Ferrara Gallery 
400a Julia Street, New Orleans LA
Photographer: David Pesnell @Pesnellda 
Models (left to right): Elle Spurr @Lespurr, Jordan Pierre @_.jj0rdvnn._, Emilee the Visionary @Emileethevisionary
Photographer: Joliet Morrill @Photo.Joliet
Models (left to right): Andre' Hubbard @Thyrealandre, Luka/Cyrus @Malnourishedflwr. 
Photographer: Joseph Ryan @Josephseabornryan
Models (left to right): Patrick @geechesuede, Tiffany @T__lashae, Cyrus @
malnourishedflwr, Andre' @thyrealandre, Vael @theoryofvael, Mike @mike_alo_kana, Emilee the Visionary @Emileethevisionary,  Danyelle @mscinephile.
Video courtesy of Joseph Ryan @Josephseabornryan
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