Join us at Kingsway Studio for an exciting photography event featuring live music by Love Your Own Noise. Immerse yourself in the theme "Futuristic Nostalgia: Deco Dreams of the 2020s." Let the glamour of 1920s fashion inspire you as you add a modern twist, blending the elegance of the past with contemporary style. 
About Kingsway: 
Located in the French Quarter, Kingsway is a legendary 12,000 square foot private residence designed beautifully by Los Angeles based LM Pagano, architect Wayne Troyer and owner Sean Cummings.  This iconic Italianate building is nationally recognized, with features in the New York Times, Robb Report and Louisiana Homes and Gardens, among other press.  As with each of Cummings’ boutique hotels and lofts, here one finds great beauty infused with great meaning.  Historic, classic and timeless design evocative of this intriguing PLACE.  Yet, modern sensibilities, reflective of a new TIME, with new talent and new ideas fueling this city.
Kingsway Studio 
544 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116
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